Encore une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Neo Geo Pocket. Voici les quelques nouveautées :

– This version only fixes a few little problems with yesterdays release.
It was impossible to proceed to the next level in « Bust-a-Move » because
the flash memory write was incorrect.
– I’ve added back the performance percentage meter due to popular demand!
– Most of the changes have been to the source code. I’ve found time to
make a big clean up of the Windows sections, which were the worst (although
the debugger still remains pretty messy, it’s been totally isolated).
This version of the code should be much easier to port to other systems.

Ses sources sont aussi disponible sur http://neopop.emuxhaven.net

Télécharger NeoPOP v0.71/w1.06b (107.3 Ko)

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