Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de MSX dont voici les changements:

New or improved emulator features:
– Run-time switching of machines:
change: set machine
query: set machine
– Run-time switching of extensions:
insert: ext
remove: remove_extension
query: list_extensions
– Run-time switching of ROMs:
insert/change: carta
remove: carta -eject
query: carta
– New command « hda » to change the IDE harddisk (« hdb » for second drive etc).
This is allowed only when the power is off, for the safety of your data.
– SDLGL-PP renderer (OpenGL-2.0), with the following exclusive features:
* scale factor 4
* TV scaler: brighter pixels are drawn bigger
* 3D monitor effect: (arcade look)
set display_deform 3D
* horizontal stretch: (MSX aspect ratio)
set display_deform horizontal_stretch
– Monochrome monitor effect:
– Video noise effect:
set noise
Low amounts of noise (for example 2.5) can make the video look better, high
amounts are just a gimmick.
– Brightness and contrast control: « set brightness  » and « set contrast
« , where 0 is neutral.
A small decrease in contrast will make the noise look better.
– Preload disk image: avoids repeated spin-ups when loading from PC CD-ROM.
– TCL procedures can now have a help text and TAB completion.
We also added help and completion to the TCL scripts that ship with openMSX.
– New console command « about » which searches for commands (built-in or TCL
scripts) that seem to be about the given keyword. Useful if you forgot the
exact name of a command.
– Watchpoints for I/O port and memory access:
debug set_watchpoint [] []
debug remove_watchpoint
debug list_watchpoints
Where type is one of « read_io », « write_io », « read_mem » or « write_mem ».
Address is in range 0..255 for I/O ports and 0..65535 for memory.
Condition and command are the similar to the « set_bp » command.
– Detection of DI/HALT (hanging MSX).
– Detection of Undefined Memory Reads (UMRs).
When memory is read that was never written to, a TCL procedure is called.
You can make your own, or use the included procedure named « umrcallback »:
set umr_callback umrcallback
This is « valgrind » for MSX 😉

MSX device support:
– IDE CD-ROM support: the « ide » extension now contains a CD-ROM drive in
addition to a harddisk. You can insert ISO images with the « cda » command,
or « cdb » for the second CD-ROM etc. There is no support yet for audio tracks.
Note that you have to run IDECDEX in the emulated MSX before you can use
CD-ROMs; you can download it from Sunrise (
– Support for V9938 with only 16kB VRAM, as used in the SVI-738.
– Major V9990 improvements.
– Minor sound differences between two different PSG types (AY8910 and YM2149).
– Added Ninja-tap, a joystick port expander.
– Added DDX-3.0, a port-based external floppy interface.
– Small bugfixes in various devices: VDP, RTC, FMPAC, MegaRAM, IDE.

Build system, packaging, documentation:
– OpenGL support now depends on GLEW (
GLEW is a library which allows us to conveniently use of GL extensions.
– Build fixes for Intel Macs.

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