Deux émulateur tournant sur Playstation 2 sont disponible aujourd’hui :

SNES-Station, un portage de SNES9X sur la dernière console de Sony. Des nouveaux screenshots seront bientôt disponible.

PGEN RC1, un portage de l’émulateur Sega Megadrive/Genesis Generator, par l’auteur de PSMS. Voici les possibilitées de cette version :

– Compatible with .SMD and .BIN rom format
– High speed emulation with stereo sound (at 24Khz)
– Two types of sprite rendering: Cell and Line. Cell is faster but less accurate.
– Pal/NTSC rom autodetect
– Supports SRAM saves and saved states (which are compressed)
– Memory card manager to manipulate PGEN save data
– Very configurable (and options get saved to memory card)
– Quick savestate function, does not write to memcard
– Screen positioning
– Dual-shock controller analog stick support
– Cool GUI with music
– Automatic ROM detection (no FILES.TXT needed!)
– Implementation of new filesystem driver (thanks Stryder Hiryu!)
Long ROM name support (no longer limited to 8.3 format)
No limit on number of files in a subdirectory

Ainsi que quelques screenshots :

En savoir plus…