Décidement le développement de cet émulateur Neo Geo Pocket est très actif ces derniers temps, voici les nouveautées de ce nouvelle release :

– Fix a major bug that stopped « Metal Slug 2 » working correctly.
– Fixed saving in other games including « Bust-a-Move » and « Sonic ».
– Added some more missing instructions that allow some of the pachinko « games » to work (not tested thoroughly).
– Added a hack for « Evolution » (US version only) to allow you enter a dungeon. Not 100% confident this is correct.
– I’ve moved the ‘bugs.txt’ file into the main release.
– Please help me by sending in new bug reports, preferably for obscure problems that happen further into a game (a saved state would help!)
– Fixed the communications problem that was causing « Fatal Fury » to complain on one of it’s menus.

Télécharger NeoPOP v0.71/w1.06b (107.3 Ko)

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