On a loupé une update du site officiel de Mimic, daté du 17 Juillet :

Did someone say « SEGA SYSTEM X » ?
No? Well, you should, because that’s what I just got happening on Mimic. 🙂
Sega System X (the system previously known as Afterburner hardware) is basically just System 16 with an extra 68000 and a couple of math chips slapped on. I started of wanting to write a System 16 VDP, but thought I’d try and do System X as a bit of a laugh. Mimic suprised me by running Thunderblade!!! I only have the text and tile layers(not scrolling yet,though) working at the moment. But, the object layer doesn’t seem like a hassle at all.
Afterburner goes through some motor warm up phase and then just gives me a blank screen…hmmm… but Thunderblade is a good start 🙂
I also added a bit of code to dump TGA files instead of PCXs if there are more than 256 colors.

Mieux vos tard que jamais 🙂

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