DOSBox est un émulateur PC utilisant le system d’exploitation DOS. Il tourne sous Windows et est très pratique pour lancer des vieux jeux Dos qui ne tourne plus chez vous. Son développement est en Open Source. Voici les nouveautées :

– Added F3 to repeat the last typed command.
– Made it possible to change the shellmessages(dosshell). so you can costumize it.(dosbox.lang)
– Changed cpu core.
– Fixed a lot of errors with the keyboard: shift-f1 and alt-f1 now works.
– Fixed some division errors.
– Made a plugin system.
– Added a lot of real 386 mode instructions.
– Made it possible to resize the screen.
– Mayor source cleanup/reorganisation.
– Complete rewrite of the graphics routines. Should make it possible to implement more fancy things like 2xsai,interpolation.
– Changed the sound playback.
– Changed the vga drawing to only draw on memory changes, instead of drawing an entire frame.
– Fixes to the soundblaster/dma code should be able to play 4-bit adpcm compressed sounds.
– Added the correct time to dir.
– Bugfixes to batch-file handling.
– Lot’s of small bugfixes.(Dune1&2,wolf3d, many more).
– Released the source.

Télécharger DOSBox v0.74-3 (1.4 Mo)

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