La release Candidate 2 de PGEN est disponible. Voici les nouveautées :

-Minor speed increase
-Fixed bug in pag code (you can now use an old PS1 digital controller)
-Fixed « red screen of death » bug (added checksum fixer)
-Added proper region emulation, improved region detection code
-Made selector loop in ingame menu and romlist
-Fixed FPS counter position with NTSC video mode
-Additions to the ingame menu: Soft reset, Region selection, Screen repositioning
-Now include screen position in saved options
-Spin down CD when not in use
-Added emulation of 6-button genesis controller
-Added support for subdirs inside the base rom directory
-Added shortcuts in romlist: L1 to move to top of list, L2 to move to bottom

Je rappel que PGEN est un portage sur Playstation 2 de l’émulateur Sega Megadrive/Genesis « Generator ».

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