Une nouvelle version du meilleur Front End pour Mame vient de sortir et apporte une foule d’améliorations dont voici le détail:

– fixed a lot of problems with M.A.M.E. folders
If you use M.A.M.E. in a different folder than Emu Loader, and the folder names are simple, like ROMs;ROMsNeo Geo (without the « drive » in the folder string), EL couldn’t do lots of things:
– Set custom game options
– Audit games
– Delete .ZIP files
– Refresh games
– Build games database
Changed all documents to .RTF format
A few visual fixes and optimizations were made
Finally! The frontend can now be started in full screen
Unfortunately there is a little bug: the games list is not being correctly focused… which can be fixed by opening any other screen, like the « Audit » screen
Added a new option, Exit, on the Games popup menu, so you can close the frontend when in full screen mode
(below the Full Screen option)
Added a new option, Exit in Full Screen, on the User Profile Editor » screen, under Miscellaneous tab, so you can prevent anyone from exiting the frontend while in full screen mode (party proof, hehe)
Toolbar buttons are optimized for better viewing
The following sets were grouped into drop-down menus:
– Games View Mode
– Games Filters
– Picture Types
– M.A.M.E. Binaries Selector
– Games Data (all buttons)
Second toolbar is removed, since it’s not needed anymore
The Games Data is now separated on User Profile Editor. You can set each info separately
Removed the Cheat File from the MAME Extended Options screen.
This filename was never used on Emu Loader anyway…
New screen translated: Game Columns
Now the Show/Hide Game Columns screen can be fully translated
The remaining screens are:
– Preferences
– Icons Legend
– M.A.M.E. Keys Instructions

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