Voici une nouvelle version de ce Mame modifié qui apporte son lot d’améliorations aussi bien au niveau disign qu’au niveau fonctions.
Voici donc les ajouts par rapport à la version précédente:

– added SuperScale effect by Elsemi from Nebula plugin source and Eagle graphics filter by Dirk Stevens, 16 bit ONLY [K&K]
now MAME Plus! supports 6 Image filters. // We know it is slooow~~ there’s no way but upgrade your CPU. MAME code is accurate and slow (need 2x CPU power comparing to Kawaks / Nebula), mame[w] blitter is slow (another 2x), so, you may need about 450% faster CPU to run the same game w/ 2xSaI on MAME than on Kawaks / Nebula. FYI, click here :

Dirk Stevens’ Eagle
Kreed’s SuperEagle
Kreed’s 2xSaI
Kreed’s Super 2xSaI
AdvanceMAME Scale2x
ElSemi’s SuperScale

– added a popup menu to remove selected game to « backup » dir [K&K]
– palette.c: changed PALETTIZED_COLORMAP_SHIFT to 5 (32768 colors) [BUT]
– added GUI options for transparent UI [Sword]
– fixed history color without bkground image [K&K]
– added a « SetFileAttributes » to overwrite readonly bkground.png [K&K]
– new rom patch structure [K&K]
– new boss patches for doubledr, kof95, lastbld2, samsho2, samsho3, samsho4 [Emuman (Thanks to ydmis, alphax2 & flycboy for the codes)]
– split « artwork » page from « misc » [Sword]
– new Japanese game list (0.61 Rel.4)
– new drivers:

cps2: 3 new games from CPS2Shock
taito_f3: added alpha blending of sprites [Shiriru]
toaplan1: video speed up [SUZ]
Ninja wariiors bug fix [JUN]
– updated folders list [Sword]
– new binutils, nasm and gettext library

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