Voici une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Game Boy Advance dont voici les améliorations:

– bios: xboo/standalone version includes new download-gba-bios-to-file function
– gui: new option automatically place game window in upper-right of debug window
– gui: changed size of small game window in 5x8pix font mode (width/2, height/2)
– vram viewer: fixed y-position of red box (scrolled area in bgmap screens, jon)
– setup: fixed player#2..12 keyboard setup (mess-missed L/R buttons, thanks jon)
– dos: started working on dos version (win/exe with dos-style GUI parts working)
– video: emulates semitransp objs (still not perfect: allows OBJ-to-OBJ transp)
– debug: code & data scrollbars working (range excludes unused memory/mirrors)
– bios: warning if incorrect gba bios version (eg. older incompatible prototype)
– video: fixed special effect bug brightness down (and up) (thanks matt)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v3.05 (200.8 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v3.05 (208.3 Ko)

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