Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Nintendo 8 bits dont voici les améliorations:


-Change to acquire character string of a keyboard from a DirectInput device.
(can’t set even if pushes toggle key)
-Change acquires joystick ID (can set with Control Panel), and to be able to
set.(please set again when joins by more than one joystick)
-Change to be able to correspond to a Z/RX/RY/RZ axis of joy-stick.

-Correct IRQ of Mapper67.
-Because there seems to be the environment that has fallen when uses MemoryView
for a long time, be revisions.
-A figure of high rank corrects the bug that has changed when turned a figure
of a low rank into A … F in Edit with MemoryView.
-Correct that shortcut key has worked when uses cheat support and adds a code.

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