Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Odyssey² dont voici les nombreuses améliorations:

– Fixed the color palette, based on screen shots from a real O2 console.
– Fixed a bug in the sprite drawing priority. Now in several games the sprites look better (Demon Attack, Turtles, Atlantis, Computer Golf, Football, Helicopter Rescue, etc.).
– Modified the emulation of sprites and characters in the border region of the screen.
– Fixed the bug of character wrapping to the other side of the screen and other problems (Atlantis and others). Now the main characters of P.T.Barnum’s Acrobats! do not fall from the edge of screen.
– Fixed the audio pitch and implemented white noise emulation. Now explosions sound much better!
– Fixed a background line blinking problem that used to affect lots of games.
– Fixed the color bar at the left of the screen.
– Enhanced the support for European/Pal games. Now several games look and play better. Shark Hunter intro works correctly. Frogger and Depth Charge are fully playable!
– Implemented an audio filter that accurately emulates the behaviour of the low-pass filter present in the audio output of the real console. The sound is better now. (Enable it with -filter).
– Fixed the screen size. Now you can see all the graphics in the game, including the time in Labirinth.
– Implemented Dot Grid emulation. Now Marksman is playable.
– Implemented a cached video emulation, to make it run faster with slow machines / video cards.
– Implemented screen shots (use the F8 key and the -scshot option)
– Implemented the sprite shifted/smooth modes. Now the main character of Q*bert looks hi-res.
– Several minor fixes.

The following fixes were made by Soeren Gust:

– Implemented the missing JNI instruction.
– Implemented the 1kb data rom / 3kb program rom addressing mode used by Musician.
– Fixed the height of the grid lines.
– Added support for 3Kb per bank

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