RomCenter (cet excellent manager de roms) vient d’être updaté dans sa version 2.50.
Voici les améliorations:

– Crc engine moved to external plug in
– New format for cache files (support clever cache refresh)
– Threaded zip process. (this speed up application response during operation, not operations themselves)
– Language translation.
– Batch rename (faster)
– Fast rename (even faster)
– About box with infos on datafile, plug in and language …
– new directory browser (xp compatible)
– new improved datafile format with resources section
– >1GB file compatible
– New mame 0.61 bios detection
– ‘Duplicated’ info added for duplicated games
– Unzip.dll vers 5.50
– Improve emulator call (2 more variables available)
– Dynamic web link with tosec and gooddat web sites
– Deleted files goes to recycled bin.
– Fixed proxy connection
– Fixed moving / copying problems
– Fixed scan windows problem
– some other bugs fixed

Télécharger RomCenter v4.1.1 (18.2 Mo)

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