Nouvelle release pour cet émulateur ZX Spectrum ecrit en Visual Basic.

1. Added support for loading TZX files, as submitted by Mark Woodmass.
2. Added a simple TZX tape interface.
3. Fixed a very minor bug in the LDIR/LDDR support (the undocumented flag bits 3 and 5 where not updated properly by these opcodes).
4. Fixed a minor bug in the CALL xx,nn opcodes (return address was being pushed onto the stack after the CALL was actioned, which caused problems in some obscure self-modifying code). Bug identified and fixed by Mark Woodmass.
5. Improved the accuracy of the TC2048 keyboard emulation (the TC2048’s compatibility problems with games such as Uridium are now correctly emulated!). Thanks to Fredrick Meunier for the description of the TC2048 keyboard port.

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