Il s’agit d’un émulateur Game Boy Advance bridé, en effet il n’émule aucun jeux commercial, dù à la volonter de son auteur. Par contre il se ferra plaisir d’émuler vos créations. Deux versions sont disponible, l’une pour la couleur l’autre pour le son.

Voici les améliorations:

– help: first-time uploaded standalone version of gbatek docs (txt & htm format)
– help: removed some question marks, moved « cpu usage » info to other chapters
– video: emulates forced blank (display disabled, the screen becomes white)
– intro: displays no$gba picture in small game window on startup (dumb bitmap)
– xcept: new hotkey (ctrl+e) to enable/disable all warnings, shown in statusbar
– cpu/xcept: suspicious opcode warning (opcode 00000000h, ANDEQ r0,r0,r0 ZF=0/1)
– fullprot: password box repaired (showed up more than daily on some computers)
– bios: optionally emulates bios by 80×86 code (fast,less accurate,except sound)
– i/o map: deciphered bios irq flgs, fixed bit10 fifo timer select (16bit value)
– dos: added dos-style i/o map screens + values (toggled by TAB in fullscr mode)
– i/o map: re-formatted video page (detailed window/special effects layer bits)
– help: updated color special effects chapter (various details, corrections…)
– a22i: supports « .fill length[,size[,filldata]] » only size=1=byte works though
– irq/xcept: added warning upon uninitialized IRQ vector (ie. [3007FFCh]=0)
– i/o map: fixed aaaa,bbbb,cccc,dddd type values (bug was aaaa,bbbb,bbbb,aaaa)
– breaks: membreaks [adr]!/? also working in I/O area (instead normal mem only)
– minibios: break requests delayed AFTER halt/intrwait (now also in minibios)
– minibios: fixed built-in bios SWI 4/5 (now pushes LR and functions exchanged)
– cpu/xcept: jump address warnings (jumps into bios/io/vram/sram/unused/mirrors)
– cpu/xcept: suspicious opcode warning :
(LDRT/STRT, and opcode 0000h=LSL r0,r0,0)
– cpu/xcept: warning if loading mis-aligned ARM address into R15 by ALU ops
– cpu: clock cycles for thumb ADD/MOV with Rd=R15 (slower as normal MOV/ADD)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v3.05 (200.8 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v3.05 (208.3 Ko)

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