X128 est un émulateur Spectrum 48/128/+2/+2A/+3/Pentagon/Scorpion pour Dos.
Seul la version « Special Audio Output Mode » a été mise à jour.
Voici les nombreuses améliorations:

– BUGFIX: 16K DISCiPLE ROM would not load properly (it was flipped by 8K).
– BUGFIX: R-register wrong when TR-DOS paged in/out (AnyTank, BBSTOP#4,
– BBSTOP#5 and anything using « Ars Protection »).
– BUGFIX: DAT trap switched off after reset (Elite 3).
– BUGFIX: Sound synchronisation finally fixed!
– BUGFIX: T-states could be wrong after loading a V3 Z80 file. (Audio fix).
– Added INI option to flip 8K for MGT ROMs (in case it’s necessary for some).
– ZX81 emulation (half-finished).
– Support for P and 81 tape files (ZX81).
– Support for FDI, FDD, SCL and Hobeta ($?) files.
– TRD files can now be 40S, 40D, 80S or 80D.
– Fuller, DK’Tronics, TrickStick 1 and TrickStick 2 joystick support. (Last 3 only available in « half-finished » mode).
– Kempston joystick can be (optionally) switched off completely (previously it would still leave port 31 reading 0).
– VESA 2 linear video modes supported (partially) – Please read the warning.
– Amiga, AY and AMX Mouse.
– D40/D80 disk interface (half-finished).
– Support for 000 files (builds a D80 disk image).
– IF1 emulation (half-finished).
– BUGFIX: Num-Lock caused Caps Shift to be pressed with ‘grey’ keys.
– PC Keys used for joystick can be redefined.
– Sinclair Profi+ (half-finished).
– Auto frame skip (replaces /frame 0).
– Speed up key – hold down  » `  » (the key to the left of « 1 ») for full speed (works best with auto-frameskip on).
– Long filenames supported under Win’95/98.
– Audio save to VOC or WAV.
– No more relative path problems from the command line (..A.SLT is fine).
– (Basic) ability to enter POKEs.
– Option to save SCR files in the place where SGD would expect them.

Télécharger X128 (SB SAOM) 0.94 (226.0 Ko)

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