Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Nintendo 8bits dont voici les améliorations:

– Added automatic frameskip.
– Added software stretch mode – choose from Hardware Stretch, Pixel Resize, Full
– Scanlines, 75% Scanlines, 50% Scanlines, 25% Scanlines, Interpolation, LED
– Display, and SmartScale.
– Hopefully fixed some crashing bugs associated with game controllers.
– Fixed joypad axis sensitivity problems.
– Added Game Genie support.
– Fixed a few games (Super Contra).
– Fixed another sound bug in the savestate/loadstate features.
– The GUI Window is now red 🙂
– SaveRAM is now saved if a game writes to it, regardless of whether or not the ROM defines SaveRAM existent.

Télécharger NEStron! 0.6.6b (98.6 Ko)

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