Mame Plus est également en conformité avec Mame. Voici la note que rapporte l’un des auteurs:

My Namco system21 « Driver’s Eyes » driver has finally been accepted by mamedev in 0126. the mame core including system21/system22 has been constantly changing recently, so that I have to tweak the WIP driver a little bit to make it work.

I’m now studying a new MAME driver: Jaleco VJ Stepping Stage. although it’s not my favorite type, this is an excellent game. I like those classic songs and high quality audio in the game.

Jaleco VJ Stepping Stage features a huge collection of classic titles from famous Western bands. including YMCA, Never gonna give you up, and Genghis Khan etc. music video is available too.

this board is rare, especially in Western countries. So mamedev still doesn’t have enough information to emulate it. The ROMs available on the net is incomplete, still missing the CHD at least. it seems that I’d better count on myself.

fortunately, there is a good inventory of Stepping Stage boards in China. based on the experience 2 years ago in an arcade repair shop, and the information of Jaleco’s other boards in the same era, such as Mega32, I wrote a driver for Stepping Stage, now it is able to correctly show sprites. of course, to run the game properly, we still need to dump the hard disk.

I hope anyone here who works in an arcade shop, can you please dump the hard disk for me? the size should be around 1G. MAMEWorld post here.

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