SNEeSe qui est un émulateur de Super Nes s’offre une nouvelle release dont voici les améliorations:

– Render: Added support for single window clipping of 8×8-tile backgrounds with no offset change or mosaic
– Timing: Fixed the Final Fantasy 6 timing hack
– Render: Fixed a minor bug in offset change screen map address calculation
– Render: Corrected address wrapping for wide and tall screen maps at the end of VRAM

Télécharger SNEeSe (Dos) v0.853 (686.7 Ko)

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Raine qui est un émulateur multi-games vient de sortir, en voici les améliorations:

New games
– Strikers 1945, Tengai (alias Sengoku Blade). Both are nice shooters from Psikyo.

New clones
– Gunbird (replaces the old broken world set), Esprade (newer international and japenese versions), Samurai Aces (international version of Sengoku Ace)
– Added the ability to save sound to a wav file (in sound options)
– Added adpcm sound in toki and silkworm
– Fixed sprites priorities in the cps1 driver, and in double dragon 3.
– Made the psikyo driver a little faster
– Fixed the sound mixer
– Stephane HUMBERT fixed the dipswitches for Grand Cross Pinball
– Added the ability to edit registers and to manually generate irqs or nmis to the z80 debuger included in the debug version of raine.
– Added eeprom support and sound for Battle Bakraid. The ymz280b emulator was also improved, and the sound in uopoko is much better now.
– Stephane Humbert updated our cheats database.
– Fixes in the WIP release, before 0.36 :
– demos were unreadable in 0.35b
– a segmentation fault in the nmk driver « sometimes »

Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.96.2 (10.9 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.91.9 (2.9 Mo)

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NeoPOP est un émulateur NeoGeo Pocket N&B/Color dont voici les amélioarations:

Core v0.71
– TLCS-900h counts extra cycles for addressing modes.
– Tweaked and optimised the timers, now they’re more accurate.
– Fixes music in « Cool Cool Jam » and improves « Card Fighters ».
– Emulates more instructions per ’emulate’ call, makes things faster.
– Put frameskipping back in.
– Made flash writes even more secure.

Win32 v1.06
– Fixed the window size, it was 1 pixel too tall and was causing subtle stretching artefacts.
– Mostly translated the link-up dialog.
– « Misc. Options » dialog. for various options.
– Windowed/Full-screen mode is restored from registry on startup.
– More translated strings/dialogs/menus.
– Added adaptoid N64 D-Pad support.
– Put frameskipping back in.
– Compressed with the latest version of UPX.
– Improved sound consistancy, especially the noise channel – tones and noises are now maintained during mute, etc. And will be restored correctly from a saved state. This was a long-time problem.
– Added full screen width stretching.

Télécharger NeoPOP v0.71/w1.06b (107.3 Ko)

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PCSX2 qui est le premier émulateur PS2 vient de sortir dans une nouvelle version dont voici les nouveautées:

– ADD CDVD plugin (partially)
– change a bit the controller plugin protocol
– change a bit the GS plugin protocol (for the VUmicromode transfers)

– FIXES to R5900
– More work in recompiler
– ADDS+fixes opcodes for MMI
– Rewritten/updated iop code
– More work to micromode (vu0-vu1)

– More to VIFS DMA
– More to SIFS DMA

Télécharger PCSX2 (Français) v1.4.0 (8.8 Mo)

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