Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST (dont l’archive contient souvent la dernière version de SoftMac, émulateur de Macintosh).

Gemulator 9.0 Community Edition replaces Gemulator versions 8.03 and earlier, improving support for use on Windows Vista and Windows 2008, improving support for use on 64-bit editions of Windows, improving support on multi-core and hyper-threaded processors such as the AMD Phenom, Intel Core 2, and Intel Core i7, and improving performance when run in virtual machines such as Bochs and VMware.

New additions to Gemulator 9.0 Community Edition (compared to Gemulator 8.03) include an improved 68000/68030 debugger, support for emulating the 68030 processor, support for the open source TOS clone « EmuTOS », and simplified menus.

Télécharger Gemulator Community Edition 9 (597.5 Ko)

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