Raine est un émulateur Arcade. Conçu à l’origine pour émuler « Rainbow Islands », il supporte maintenant un paquet de jeux basés sur du hardware « Taito », « Jaleco » et bien d’autres encore.

– Upgrade cps1 & cps2 romsets to finally be compatible with mame (I took the
0.129 sources). In the process I adapted the video config to use the
amazing work they did in dumping all these video chips which were the
causes of all the kludges which have been in the cps1/cps2 emulation
during all these years. So in clear there is a possibility that some
drivers are broken, because I can’t test them all obviously, but I’ll try
my best to avoid obvious bugs.
– It’s around 210 more clones to play with
– this time the game genre is taken from maws instead of being « misc »
everywhere (for cps1 & cps2)
– Use less ram for most drivers
– emulation slightly faster for cps1 sprites, and slightly better for
cps2 (I don’t really call this bug fixes, but…).
– If you tried to use the gui to rotate the screen in the middle of playing
then you were very likely to get a crash if the game used priority bitmaps
(like all cps1/cps2 games !!!). It’s fixed now, you can rotate the screen
whenever you want, the priority bitmap will survive !
– Various bugs fixed for the console again…
– When switching to fullscreen and you have not asked to set the video mode
from the game resolution in the gui, the resolution taken is now the
desktop’s resolution. It makes much more sense than switching a 22 » lcd
screen to 640×480 just because the window size was 640×480 and we switched
to fullscreen. Also when returning from fullscreen the previous size of
the window is correctly restored even if you restarted raine before
returning to windowed mode.
– You can now compile raine from a 64 bit environment. Actually it is very
easy to do, and I should have done it earlier, it’s just about using the
-m32 gcc switch. Just make sure you have the 32 bit version of all the
libraries needed. I just updated the guide about how to compile raine.
The detection is now automatic, you just have to launch make without
– Finally add a dialog to configure the rom directories, you can access it
from Change Game/Options (1st line of the game list). By the way, rom
directories become unlimited. A friend of mine asked this feature about 2
years ago… Oh well he didn’t know I had planned to rewrite completely
the gui before doing that ! 😉
– GUI : try to choose a better font size when displaying dialogs
– cheats : if there are no cheats for the current game, and there are some
for the parent, then load the cheats of the parent. It allows to have
cheats for the 210 new clones, and it’s very likely that they will be all
correct (and anyway it’s better than nothing !).
– Raine and neoraine finally share the same makefile. To compile neoraine,
you must uncomment the line « NEO=1 » at the top of the makefile, or you can
type as before « make -f makefile.neocd » which now includes the normal
– Misc bugs fixed, for example a memory leak in the taito f3 sound emulation
was suddenly found because the link order made it to crash the program.

Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.91.13 (6.0 Mo)

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