Ootake est un émulateur PC-Engine en provenance du Japon et basé sur PC2E, tournant sous Windows 2000, XP et Vista. Il nécessite Direct X v9.0c au minimum. L’environnement de compilation a changé (on peu espérer quelques optimisations au passage) et l’émulateur utilise dès à présent Direct3D (DirectX v9 et non plus v8) à la place de DirectDraw améliorant légèrement le rendu notamment sous Vista (toutefois DDraw est toujours disponible pour ceux qui pourraient avoir quelques problèmes).

Beaucoup de changements qui justifient le passage en 2.0:

+ This time, the development environment became « Visual C++ ». An attached
source file is for « Visual C++ ». (The compilation method etc. was
described at this file (Readme.txt) ahead. I described the input delay
problem, too.)
+ Please let me do a talk important here. The source code in the part that I
wrote might be not beautiful. It is a little shameful in reality.
However, I think that « The source of the emulator has been opened to the
public » is important. Because the transplant(Windows 7 and more, Mac and
Linux, .etc) and development can be continued for a long time from now on.
Even if I cannot develop Ootake, development might continue even for
hundreds of years in the platform of the age. If the game of the
masterpiece of « PC Engine(TG16) » has been played in those days, I am glad.
It is energy that I develop Ootake.
+ There is a meaning of « Emulator that has opened the source to the public »
there. Personally, I want to support « Emulator that has opened the source
to the public » in emulators other than « PC Engine », too.
I think that it will be connected with the best result (The one to which
the reproduction level is high and easy-to-use is completed, and
development continues) in the future.
+ Though it is not certain whether to have considered this, many people
support Ootake. This version v2.00 was able to be released thanks to them.
Thank you really.
Hereafter, it is a change point of v2.00.
– It corresponded to Windows « DirectX 9.0c », and drawing by « Direct3D »
became possible. In a lot of PC environments, I think that « Display Image
Quality », « Display Speed (load reduction to the personal computer) », « Tone
Quality of a built-in sound (stability of the tempo and the tone
reproduction) », and « Input Reaction Speed of the JoyPad » improved.
Improvement of « Display Image Quality »…
The quality of bi-liner filtering (jaggy is made unremarkable) processing
has improved by using Direct3D. Moreover, in « Windows Vista », the filter
processing became possible, and it corresponded to « Aero », too.
Improvement of « Display Speed »…
A personal computer not fast might have come to work in some measure
comfortably. Especially, the effect might be large in the personal
computer equipped with the video chips other than made by NVIDIA(2D is
originally high-speed).
Improvement of « Tone Quality »…
Accuracy by which the timing of 1/60 seconds is measured has improved by
using Direct3D. As a result, processing of a built-in sound approaches the
axis of the time of a real machine, and, it became a tone near real
machine more.
Improvement of « Input Reaction Speed »…
A detailed setting was done, and it stuck to the limit of one frame more.
– On the option screen of the start (« Option » button under the left after
Ootake starts), some set items were added. Moreover, « Light(Fast) » button
and « Default » button were set up.
* If your personal computer is not fast, push « Light(Fast) » button.
Afterwards, push « SET » button. Then, operation becomes light(fast) set.
However, the screen might flicker when scrolling because it is not
V-Sync(vertical synchronization). Therefore, set only the item of
« V-Sync » (the 3rd from top) to « V-Sync 60Hz (Beauty,Default) » after
pushing « Light(Fast) » button if it is possible.
– « Direct3D » and « DirectDraw » menu were added to « Setting->Screen » menu.
When « DirectDraw » is selected, it becomes the same drawing as the old
version (v1.69 former). Moreover, the detail of each drawing method can be
set. Please see the manual (Open it from « Info » menu) for details of a set
– « PC Power Saving » setting of « Setting » menu was abolished. Because it
entered the best CPU use state in default.
– The speed and timing were brought close to a real machine more. In
« World Stadium » and « World Stadium ’91 », when the ball hits the bat, the
problem that one frame screen has fallen into disorder (generated by a
recent version) was solved. I think that it approached a real machine by
the timing of operation in a lot of other games.
– The stability of the CD-ROM access processing has been improved.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
2009/02/01 2.01 released
– In the personal computer environment without the runtime component of
« Visual C++ 2008 », it operated. (Other content doesn’t have the change
from v2.00.)

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