Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Commodore C64 d’origine allemande tournant sous Windows a été releasé. Voici les nouveautés :

– running under WindowsXP, Win98/2000 with Direct X 7a
– all System Roms in *.exe implided (and Demos !!)
– new SID (no filter emulation)
– Systemroms with Dialog
– 100 % new CPU Emulation
– Memory Mapping via Prozessorport new
– Visualisation for the 3 SID Stimmen
– Cartriges loading (Erweiterungsmodule) *.crt
– C64 Screen running in Window and Fullscreen
– new Disassembler
– Joystick emulation via Direct Input (nur Joystick 2)
– Timer B bugfixes
– new *.prg, *.p00, *.t64 Support
– new « Diskmanager » with D64 Support
– and more …

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