Il s’agit d’un émulateur Game Boy Advance bridé, en effet il n’émule aucun jeux commercial, du à la volonter de son auteur. Par contre il se ferra plaisir d’émuler vos créations. En voici les nombreuses améliorations:

– help: added note about SWI 01h RegisterRamReset dispcnt destroyed/forced blank
– palette viewer: displays R,G,B intensity bars (to the right of R,G,B values)
– oam viewer: displays rot/scal selection,parameters,address, displays x/y-flip
– oam viewer: displays all 3x16bit attr/dat values (directly as stored in OAM)
– bg map viewer: marks unused/disabled BG layers by diagonal red-line
– tile viewer: user selectable depth (either for ALL, or only for UNKNOWN tiles)
– palette viewer: displays 16bit color definition (additionally to R,G,B values)
– tile viewer: if all used tiles in a row are same depth, used for the whole row
– tile viewer: if all used OBJs are of same depth, used for unused OBJs also
– tile viewer: if all used BG tiles’re same depth, used for unused BG tiles also
– tile viewer: autodetects depth+palette of used tiles (by examing bgmaps+oam)
– tile viewer: merged 4bit and 8bit tiles in one screen (8bit tiles stretched)
– tile viewer: new option for masking BGMAP/BITMAP areas in tile viewer
– tile viewer: removed old 8bit gameboy related options, better tile-details
– tile viewer: autodetects vram/tile usage (depth 4bit, 8bit, bg-map, or unused)
– tile viewer: created 3 tile screens (each representing 32K out of 96K vram)
– font: removed small 5×8 pix no$gba.fnt, uses 5×12 terminal/dosbox font instead
– oam viewer: bug fix: now invalidates all OBJs during running emulation
– oam viewer: shows currently selected OBJ enlarged (drawn at actual size x2)
– oam viewer: shows OBJs larger than 8×8 pixels (drawn at best fit in oam map)
– dos: cartloader warnings working in 80×25 text format (xboo-like dynamic box)
– dos: 1st-time built without import32.lib, reduced linker errors from 80 to 12
– help: corrected SWI 0Ah ArcTan2 (two parameters, X and Y, thanks Randy Linden)
– keyb: fixed keyboard accel entrysiz (6 instead 5) (showed up as stuck b-key)
– disass: indicates thumb code by drawing (T) in symbolic mode, ie. (T)
– debug: also displays irq/swi/reset/debug-handler addresses as « bios-labels »

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v3.05 (200.8 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v3.05 (208.3 Ko)

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