Une nouvelle version de 1964 est déja disponible. En fait il ne s’agit que d’un fichier 1964.exe qui fixe quelques problèmes rencontrés :

– Fixes for processor-specific code. If you have freezing issues in 1964 0.8.4 where games (like Mario and Zelda) can’t start at all. AMD K6-2 (possibly other processors) didn’t like the way i used prefetcht0.

– Fixes cheat code window crash
– Fixes cheat codes so that some actually work. But note that activating some cheats can cause game freezes and lost saves!
– Cheats disabled on startup to prevent probs. Cheats are still buggy.

J’ai ajouté l’éxécutable a l’archive de la v0.8.4.

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