GStaris est un plugin vidéo Playstation 2. Sont rendu utilise l’Open GL et il supporte les émulateur suivants : PCSX2, PS2PE (…) Surement d’autres 🙂 Voici les nouveautés :

Fixed [PSMT8*CSM1*PSMCT32] texture format (ps2mame title !)
– GSprocessTexture rewrited, should be more compatible.
– Added mipmapping support
– New menu, without flickering :p
– Added Texture Viewer in menu
– Now the cursor will be available only in windowed mode.
– Fixed keep ps2 ratio mode, fixed screen centered bugs, etc…
I still need some demos to test…
– Sprite code correction (psms,ps2mame,others) ; now it’s like the GSsoft plugin.
– A lot of optimisations – speed is really better (5-10 fps with some demos).
But the following additions will slow down the emulation of some demos :p
– New updateTexture checking code (psms games works! – soundcheck text colors works! – colors15 textures begin to work)
– new drawing code (for Point,Line,Triangle,Sprite) – faster, more compatible
– fixed 1fx alpha blending
– fixed PRIM register bug (plasma_tunnel)
– Added ‘Missing stuff Fix’ for 1fx,pillgen and maybe other demos
– Added FBfix 3&4, now FBfix is displayed in main menu, now you can change FBfix dynamically using ‘End’ button
– Fixed a bug when shutdown emulator without ESCAPE button (thanks Seta-San)
– Internal changes and code cleaning.

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