Dernière version beta de cette machine virtuelle Atari ST/TT/Falcon.

Les améliorations:

– CPU: fixed TRAPcc and FTRAPcc instructions (for Guillaume’s mplayer 🙂
– VIDEL: pixel precise horizontal scrolling implemented
– fixed BUSY signal handling on the parallel port
– fixed mouse grab/ungrab/autograb (see below)
– added new ARAnyM mouse cursor (white arrow)
– added middle mouse button handling (in Eiffel mode)
– added suport for reversing mouse Y-axis in IKBD (used in Linux-m68k)
– fixed many DSP56001 instructions
– fixed NFJPEG on 64bit hosts
– fixed several NF drivers to work under FreeMiNT (not rely on __NF cookie)
– buggy JIT-FPU was disabled. Now FPU is precise though slower in JIT mode

Télécharger ARAnyM (WIP) 0.9.8 Beta (2.5 Mo)

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