Des nouvelles de cet émulateur DreamCast pour Windows :

This is about 3 years too late, but I have eventually gotten a Katana Development Kit demo (KMNEFERT) to work in Dreamemu. Its still not 100% correct, but just the texturing needs to be done really. I have been working on Dreamemu only on and off for the past while and thats the reason why progress has been slow. I was just playing around today when I said, what the hell, I’ll raise a few exceptions randomly and see what happens, because doing it properly seemed to have no effect. Then I noticed that the PowerVR DMA data being sent then resembled correct ta list data – and then I seen a white face flashing up! Amazing! It is still a bit slow as my DMA uses slow memory routines at the moment, but should be speeded up pretty easily. I’ll leave you with a screenshot and hopefully now I’ll have the motivation to keep working on Dreamemu this time! Note: Alot of the old screenshots may appear to be down – this is because I am in the middle of « porting » the page to php.

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