Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Super Nes pour Dos dont voici les améliorations:

– PPU: Fixed some register corruption issues in VRAM write handlers
– PPU: Altered VRAM writes; when VRAM writes are attempted during the display period, update addresses but do not save data, fixes Mega Man X status screen glitch
– Sound: Modified the envelope update values
– Sound: Altered timing of attack rate 15, thanks to Brad Martin for he correction
– Sound: Altered behavior of ADSR envelope decay with the maximum sustain level, thanks to Brad Martin for the correction
– Sound: Altered ADSR/GAIN switching; when switching from GAIN to ADSR, use the last ADSR state used by the channel since key on, fixes Mega Man X music looping bug, thanks to Brad Martin for help with this
– Source: Fixed a bug in the makefile where some flags weren’t being properly passed for building the CPU cores

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