Un excellent émulateur de Sega Dreamcast, Naomi et Atomiswave. Programmé par Wind (principal codeur), CaH4e3 (co-codeur), Ajax16384 (co-codeur).

Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– New GPU plugin gpuDXv3 for DirectX9 with shaders support. Naomi1/Dreamcast/Atomiswave emulation requires v.2.0 shaders support. Naomi2 emulation requires v.3.0 shaders support.
– New GPU plugin gpuDXLegacy for DirectX9 which works without shaders for low end video cards (like Intel graphic card).
– New SPU plugin spuOAL using OpenAL interface. Works much better then DirectX version, but still has some issues.
– Added new texture cache system for GPU plugins and new coordinate evaluation system.
– Fixed bugs in old GPU and SPU plugins.
– Lots of improvements and bug fixes in emulator´s core.
– Added Télécharger Demul (x86) v0.5.8.2 (852,9 Ko)

Télécharger Demul (x64) v0.5.5 (693,0 Ko)

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