Le site officiel de Mimic a été updaté plusieurs fois ces derniers jours :

7 October 2002 – 11:00 : YES! I finnaly found that subtle bug in the new Z80 core – Apparently, for the FD and DD opcodes, IX and IY don’t replace HL where the source or destination (IX+d). Weird. This translates into a lot of ROMs working that previously didn’t, and an imminent release. I also found a cool page, so I have started an awards section, mostly so I can keep track of these things (and to shame people who complain to me that they have never heard of Mimic).

5 October 2002 – 00:30 : What’s this? Two updates in less than a month? 🙂
I was testing the new Z80 core out and made a bug fix in the 68000 core and … all of a sudden two Megadrive ROMs that have never worked started working.

4 October 2002 16:00 : Thought I’d check in and let you people know about what I have been up to… Z80 core has finannly been completely rewritten. The old core was just too messy to fix up and it would fall apart and crash if you touched it. New core is 92% complete and looks lightning quick 🙂 I have removed the concept of INPUT/OUTPUT ports (only the Z80 used them) and now the IOREQ line is treated as a 17th address line (A16 I suppose). This cleans up a lot of duplicate logic. Because of all this, I am going to be bringing the 8 bit arcade stuff up to scratch.

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