Une nouvelle version de l’excellent émulateur Gens est disponible ! Pas de grosses nouveautés, mais quelques améliorations :


* Save state support added (buggy though).
* SH-2 signed division overflow fixed.
* SH-2 core tweaked up a bit.
* Netplay is now working with 32X games.
* Some other minors fix.

[Sega CD]

* CD swap is now supported.
(read the « Multi CD game » section for more infos)
Actually a lot of stuff has been rewritten, resulting in a possible compatibility decreasement.


* New Z80 core written from scratch (faster than old core).
* Synchronisation between 68000 and Z80 is now almost perfect
(it wasn’t possible with the old Z80 core).
* YM2612 timers fixed, i finally found the correct way 🙂
* Fixed a minor bug in the VDP render engine (added in Gens 2.00)
* Fixed a minor bug in the PSG (added in Gens 2.00)


* Fixed the weird « restart Gens after 32X bios configuration » bug

Télécharger Gens (Win) v2.14 (573.1 Ko)

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