Les nouvelles versions pour ces émulateurs FM-7 (japonais) sont disponibles.

V3.4L23 → V3.4L30, V2.9L23 → V2.9L30, V1.1L12 → V1.1L20 list of changes:
– Add the capability to set the sound volume balance for each channel separation
– Fixed a problem that does not reproduce the sound recording and playback tape
– WindowsVista / Windows 7 was a countermeasure to the problem right shift key does not work
– WindowsVista / Windows 7 fix the problem and open a window to hang on disassembled
– WindowsVista / Windows 7 in the version information in the URL and click the Internet Explorer fix the issue of holding a large number
– The Sound tab « other options » fix the problem quietly funny in size slightly

V3.4L23 → V3.4L30 list of changes.
– Conversion table of 26 million color mode brightness

V2.9L30 is based on V3.4L30 higher version, FM77AV40EX deleted version of the extension. Operation is emulated as models in V3 is equivalent to FM77AV system, the light is divided decision does not require minute version. ROM also works with a set of V2.

Télécharger XM7 TypeR for Win32 + DirectX V3.4L77SX+z05 (350,2 Ko)

Télécharger XM7 TypeR for Win32 + DirectX V2.9L77SX+z05 (343,1 Ko)

Télécharger XM7 TypeR for Win32 + DirectX V1.1L77SX+z05 (384,9 Ko)

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