Une nouvelle version de ce Sonic créé par des fans, est disponible.

Les caractéristiques principales de cette release sont:

– Tails has gained a new move: now he is able to pick up the other characters and carry them around
– Improved the level editor (it includes a bigger work area and new buttons)
– New level editor feature: grids
– New level editor feature: groups. You can now easily place groups of objects in your level. Useful to make loops and other common structures
– New level editor features: undo and redo
– New translations: German, Polish, Czech
– New songs: options screen and stage cleared
– New screen: options screen
– Removed the launcher program
– Improved the joystick programming. Just plug your joypad before starting the game and start playing!
– New icon
– New engine feature: bricks have a z-index property. Now it´s possible to design background/foreground bricks
– New engine feature: clouds. Clouds are types of bricks also known as « one-way platforms »
– Implemented jump sensitivity and spindash through multiple boxes
– Centered Tails´ sprites when jumping
– Improved the GUI/HUD
– New level: Chilpoctli Temple Zone (user-made graphics – thanks, Celdecea!)
– New level: Template (user-made graphics)
– Custom quests may be launched via command line using the –quest option (see opensonic –help)
– Removed the Master Quest
– New quests: Extra levels, Super Bosses
– Updated the docs
– Code improvements
– Bugfixes and lots of small changes

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