On continu avec Atari avec cette nouvelle version de Saint, émulateur d’Atari ST dont voici les news:

New features:
– 1024*768 fullscreen mode support if you don’t have 800*600 mode. (Usefull for lucky PC-Laptop users !)
– SID-Sound quality improvement. (try the Flip-o-demo)
– Screen rendering optimized ( now all demos are working at 50Hz on P2-233Mhz (half-line mode) (even fullscreen demos with color-sync)

Fixed bugs, new working demos:
– Move prefetch bug fixed (V8-Music system demo)
– High-border syncscroll fixed (ULM girl-screen, Genius demo, etc.)
– TimerA event mode ( « Do Things » by Cream )
– Memory snapshot by fixed when changing TOS between shot.

Télécharger SainT v2.40 (1.3 Mo)

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