Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Acorn Archimedes est disponible. Voici les changements :

Computer suspend is handled more gracefully
Added StrongArm models – no faster, just for completeness
Significant speedups in HostFS
Fixed app name on message boxes
Software video scaling – much faster for low end graphics cards.
Fixed prefetch abort bugs
Sound pitch on Vidc1 should be correct
# key works on older models (mapped to numeric #)
Window deactivation clears key/mouse down events
Power cycle menu option, for when Hard Reset just isn’t enough
‘Roms’ which are not 2^x in size now load correctly
Added printers command to hostfs to list printers
Fixed floppy image loading
Fixed Clock month offset by 1
added hostopen and hostprint commands
Fixed preferences not loading from RedSquirrel.cfg
HostFS selects first mount at startup
Added RTC centisecond timer
Totally reorganised code to support plugins
HostFS is now a completely separate plugin
RISC OS/Windows cursor syncing, provided by 3rd party plugin

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