DOSBox est un émulateur PC utilisant le system d’exploitation DOS. Il tourne sous Windows et est très pratique pour lancer des vieux jeux Dos qui ne tourne plus chez vous. Voici les news :

DOSBOX:The program now has support for config files, read the README file for more information.
CPU:Fixed/added some instructions, made string instructions interruptable.
VGA:Small fixes and screenshot support was added.
SBLASTER:Some more DSP commands and added some extra functions to the dma.
PCSPEAKER:Cleaned up sound and added support for « RealSound » in some games.
DOS:Rewrote most of the FCB calls and a lot of the file and drive handling routines were updated.
TIMER:Improved the emulation of highres timers.
MOUSE:Autolocked now when you click on the window with a game that can use mouse.
DEBUG:Added support for better single stepping and better breakpoint and logging options.

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