Après la SNES, on continu avec la NES et plus exactement avec cette nouvelle version de VirtuaNes dont voici les modifications:


– The addition that measures to the thing which a specific axis entered with Joypad, and have grown (mainly, PlayStation Pad converter) are optional.
– Add « JoyAxisDisable= option value  » to a [General] section of an INI file.

A meaning of an optional value is as follows.
0 All axes are effective(default)
1 All axes are null and void
2 X axis is effective
3 X/Y axis is effective
4 X/Y/Z axis is effective
5 X/Y/Z/RX axis is effective
6 X/Y/Z/RX/RY axis is effective
Note: Become the same setting entirely when connected more than one Joypad.

-Add a restraint option of a volume change effect by the output value of DMC to Triangle Wave.

Note: Change Plugin, and can set the option mentioned above only with an INI file because there isn’t.


– Correct sweep of a Square Wave channel and behavior of a frequency limit.

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