Ce build non officiel a été posté par Kode54 sur le forum du site de SNES9X dans ce thread. Il inclus en fait deux patchs :

[Patch 1]

– Corrects sample pitches the right way
– FatlXception’s BRR decoder adapted in place of the original decoder. Turn off Anti-Resonance’s method to try it out. I recommend you also leave sample caching turned off. Go ahead, test out Legend of Zelda or something

[Patch 2]

– Changes the SPC dumping code so it won’t actually save a dump until the next key-on event. I may change it so it ignores muted channels. Known to produce broken SPCs if the game was in the middle of transferring or communicating with the SPC even after the sound started playing, such as with Star Ocean, and possibly Tales of Phantasia. Zero out the ports saved in the SPC file to correct this. (APU RAM 0xF4-0xF7)

Ils ont été appliqué sur le dernier build non officiel : Snes9x v1.39mk3b

Télécharger SNES9X mk3b+ or smth 1.39 (453.3 Ko)

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