Le site officiel de NEStron a été updaté récement :
Just thought I’d let everyone know what’s hapenning. Both NEStron and Super NEStron have made progress since my last post. The new version of NEStron has additions like Turbo Fire support, Mapper 9 support, Mapper 10 support, as well as a few other enhancements. I’m also working to fix the bugs some users seem to be having with gamepad support.
I’ve added linear interpolation to Super NEStron’s audio core, making it sound a lot better. I’ve also finished writing the Main CPU core. Now I’ve got to debug all the little kinks in both of the CPU cores. Once this is done, I get to start the fun stuff – drawing the graphics and adding all of the extra features.

Oh, and I got a « nice » little comment from a nice kid named Squaw. I just had to share it with everyone. You can see it here.

Until next time – make love, not war. Oh, and always listen to Judas Priest.

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