ShadowPrince nous offre un autre build de son Uhle Alpha. Voici les nouveautés :

– Rewrite of some parts of gui code
– Rom browser cache
– Emulator creates ultra.cache file on exit
– Multiple directories in rombrowser with recursion as an option
– File/Rom Directories
– Emulator creates ultra.dir file on exit
– Enabled Debug window
– Configuration/Debug Console
(type help inside,for list of commands)
– Fixed bug, when path to the emu includes spaces
– Fixed serious memory leak in original Uhle
– Sorting of rom columns
– Pj64 plugins config dialog (place your plugins in /Plugin directory)
– recognizing and configuring of plugins
+ plugins does not work in the emu yet
– Shows total number of roms in all included dirs on status bar
– Storing of emulator main window size and position
– Storing of columns width in rombrowser, sorting column and sorting method
– …

Assurément un très bon build de Uhle.

Télécharger UltraHLE Alpha 1.1.6 (2nd) (314.5 Ko)

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