Près de 2 mois apres la v0.36.1 voici un nouveau build qui se contente de fixer quelques bugs :

The bigest change is the new line scroll functions which fixes the crash in the late stages of strikers 1945, and finally add the missing line scroll effects to the cps1 driver (at least all the street fighter games, punisher and varth use these line scrolls. Maybe some others…). Also nlx_doom added street fighter zero, cps1 changer version to the cps1 driver.
– LOTS of sound fixes, including a new « enhanced stereo » effect (see the sound options dialog) which works by delaying right and left channels for sound chips having one left channel and one right channel. The explosions in darius 2 are finally fixed, and it also probably fixes a few other sound effects in some other games. And finally some volume and frequency adjustements in a few games.
– Raine should now support pads/joysticks with more than 12 buttons (untested, because I don’t have such a controller, but it should work).
– Kick off is now playable (megasys1 driver), thanks to some dip switches fixes by nlx_doom

Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.91.9 (2.9 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.96.2 (10.9 Mo)

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