Le suite de Project64K de Hotquik par une nouvelle équipe, ce build utilise le module kaillera ce qui permet de jouer en ligne à plusieurs.

– Entirely new Menu (This fixes the menu text errors)
-Unnecessary options are disabled
-New, improved and faster Short cuts.
-Gaudy, and Henry’s config files (Cht, rdb, rdx)
-Kailleraclient update 1.2 (Owna’s client’s source modified)
-Open time and close time increased
-GFX glitch is fully fixed (When you start it up first time it will happen but once you actually choose a plugin it will save it)
-Flamin hot cheetos w/lime

-GFX Casual error
-Menu glitches
-Emulating bug 4 fixed (see emulation fix list)

Télécharger Project64K v0.41 (2.6 Mo)

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