Cet émulateur MSX a son noyau Z80 est basé sur celui utilisé par fMSX. Il s’agit d’un très bon projet. Voici les nouveautés :

– Support for the mouse
– Support to configure a mouse or joystick on a joystick port. The buttons or directions of a mouse or joystick are not yet configurable
– Added CTRL+ALT key combination to disable/enable a configured mouse. This is needed since the mouse is exclusively used by NLMSX if it is enabled
– Added a scheduler to make the emulator timing better
– Added an R800 frequency selector. During turbo-r emulation when the R800 is enabled, this frequency will be used
– Added better disk size detection
– Added cpu usage indicator. This is not always accurate
– Added better secondary slot selector handling
– Added PPI 1-bit sound
– Added support for the MB8877A disk controller

Télécharger NLMSX 0.48 (1.0 Mo)

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