DCEmulation a recu des nouvelles concernant le portage de cet émulateur PSX sous Dreamcast :

« The good news are that i achieved an average frame rate of 10 fps with the SoftGPU and
a peak frame rate of 30 fps. The bad news (at least for the people waiting for pcsxdc)
are that i still need more time for a new release. I.e. i could release a pre-release
in a short time (one week), but people will be disappointed that they get the same
problems only 5-10 fps faster :). The longer you have to wait, the bigger the surprise
:). »

Here is what hes working on:

« I’m concentrating at the moment on two things:

1. a new recompiler (yes, it’s my third try on this subject 🙂 ) I will use an
intermediate code this time. This is much better for register allocation, inter-block
jumps and optimization, but also much more complex.

2. a simple menu system.

3. hardware accelerated plugin (every game i test shows some other errors :(, this is
kind of annoying) »

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