La dernière update de Mimic avait pas été annoncé sur Emu-France, elle date d’il y a 9 jours :

OK. So I get the MegaCD bios booting and then get distracted by other things 🙂
I added sprite masking to the Megadrive emulation. This adds a few special effects here and there, like the level select screen in Galaxy Force 2.
I have also been fiddling around with the various VESA bios routines. This has resulted in a big speed/clean up of Mimic’s most common mode, 320x240x16. You see to get that mode, you either need to 1) make it via ModeX, 2) fake it by using only half the pixels of 640x480x16, or …. 3) use the 320x240x16 that comes with MOST cards.
The problem is that every cardmaker gives it a different mode number. To get around this, Mimic now searches all VESA modes until it finds it. Maybe I will still fake it if I can’t find it…hmmm…
The speed up comes from the fact that I am only writting each pixel to video ram once, instead of doing a 2×2 or 2×1 pixel. Plus the pixel clock would be faster and frame size smaller, so video ram is free more often.
Like the new logo? It is based on a suggestion by Tom Baguley, I made it primary colors and added the Southern Cross to show that its an aussie emu. Otherwise, the M could stand for any of a dozen or so emus.

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