Après un long moment sans release (la dernière date de Mai) voici un new build de Ages nom de code « Wormhole « . Attention elle ne tourne pas correctement sous Windows XP. Voici les news :

– Some Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, and SMS compatiblity fixes
– Added Game Gear emulation
– M68000, Z80, and SH2 core revisions (lots faster)
– Faster interlace mode line renderer
– PSG noise channel
– 32X, Sega CD, SMS, and GG saved states
– Network play via Kaillera
– Added new fast-forward method: « sticky » (complements « press-and-hold »)
– V-Sync option
– FPS display
– Brighter colors
Close ROM option
– Multiple joystick support
– Improved some parts of the GUI (not compatible with WinXP!)
– Fixed the very annoying clicks/pops in DirectSound output
– Corrected inaccuracy in Sega CD sector playback timing
– Implicit track naming (like Gens) for ISO+MP3 CD images
– Software CD-DA playback (no more CD-to-soundcard cable required)
– CD-DA playback for BIN/CUE
– Automatic game patching feature

Télécharger Ages v0.30a (299.3 Ko)

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