Altair32 est le seul émulateur ALTAIR/IMSAI encore en développement.

This version included a host of bug fixes and enhancements to the overall stability of the emulator, in addition to new programs and other information.
* Implemented a new « memory configuration » dialog which enables the user to specify, by address range, how much RAM and ROM the emulator would recognize. Also implemented a UI-based installation mechanism for « permanent » ROM files. Emulator settings are now saved to a private INI file.
* In CP/M, « high density » disks are now supported. When cpm22.dsk is booted, drives A-D are « low density, 330k » drives and drives E-H are « high density, 1.1mb » drives. When cpm22hd.dsk is booted, the drive densities are reversed (drives A-D are « high density, 1.1mb » drives and drives E-H are « low density, 330k » drives).
* The CP/M disks now support eight emulated disk drives.
* The CP/M disks now include custom developed Sysgen and disk Format utilities.
* Improved file importing into disk images using CP/M and new utility. See Altair32_dataexch.htm.
* Added new disk image for Altair Disk BASIC 5.0. This is the very rare last version of BASIC for the Altair.
* Added modified paper tape images for early versions of BASIC. Use the loader « 1baslod.bin »
* Added modified version of the MITS Altair Turnkey Monitor ROM. Source and operating instructions are included.
* Implemented timeslicing in order to reduce overall CPU load on the host system. Thanks go to Jim Battle of the Solace emulator project for providing the core code for the timeslicer.
* Revised and enhanced on-line help documentation.

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