Zdenek Adler en a lui aussi profité pour updater son émulateur MZ-800. Voici les news :

– Emulation of two undocumented graphic modes ( 3 and 7 )
– Higher performance for the CPU and sound synchronization
– Improved speed of scanline screen emulation ( scanline caching )
– Faster keyboard scans
– Error correction for loading MZF files from the command prompt
– Virtual keyboard
– The Shift key of the Virtual Keyboard is now activated.
– A much more comfortable usage of the file selection screen of the Virtual CMT / Debugger Load.
– Bugs fixed and improved speed of the emulator.
– « Save now » option added at the floppy selection menu.

Télécharger MZ-800 Emulator Windows Pro 0.097 (536.5 Ko)

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