Une bonne interface pour Mess et Mame.

– General: polished MAME variant logo from JacKc, improved support for foreign emulators (can now have individual foreign IDs), zlib integration, added tear-off capability to all menus, replaced the MESS wiki driver feature added in 0.35 with a ProjectMESS system search (the MESS wiki’s data got trashed, and ProjectMESS is the new de-facto #1 resource for all things MESS!), support for new ROM audit output, improved responsiveness when loading cached XML data, experimental support for Qt 5
– ROMAlyzer: speed up merge-processing by indexing XML look-ups, interpret new emu-states correctly, log possible XML merge-info bugs, support for CHD v5, allow for saving the ROMAlyzer log to a file
– MESS device mapper: sort slot-options alphanumerically, add a separator between ‘not used’ and available options, allow disabling of default slot-options and indicate them as such
– MiniWebBrowser: allow new (pop-up) browser windows to be created, change zoom with the mouse-wheel (+ Ctrl), enabled the use of QtWebKit’s Web Inspector for non-developer builds
– YouTube video-player: new media icons, support pasting a YouTube video URL onto the player itself (starts playback without attaching the video)
– Translations: 5 new translations for Italian (WIP), Romanian (mostly complete), Spanish (complete), Swedish (WIP) and Greek (WIP) were added
– Mac OS X builds: avoid using xcodebuild for Qt 4.8+ (this means that XCode 4 no longer is an issue when a self-compiled Qt 4.8+ installation is used! Nokia’s binary package still relies on XCode, but qmake then creates incompatible output for XCode 4)

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